Visit of Prof. Marc Bourdier from Paris-La-Villette


On 8 February 2017, Professor Bourdier, from the Paris- La-Villette School of Architecture, visited Kyushu University where he spent nearly a day with Faculty of Design. Firstly, in the morning, he attended the presentation of master research thesis presentation for the Environmental Heritage Design Course. From the event, he had a clear understanding on the kind of research engaged by the graduate students. Later in the afternoon, he attended the presentations by two students who desired to have an overseas study experience in Paris-La- Villette from October 2017. These students have the approval from Professor Doi, who is also the teacher in-charge, and now with only the procedures at the faculty level to be cleared. But Professor Bourdier’s intervention was to be effective since he will have now know the students in advance. In addition to evaluating their works, he gave adequate advices with regards to the students’ research plan and lives.

After that, five faculty members from the Department of Environmental Design, which included a foreign teacher, exchanged views with Professor Bourdier on inter-school cooperation. Professor Doi reported on the international framework of the eghub and the concept of a design center in Ohashi campus etc. Professor Bourdier provided advice on the risks, points to note and possibilities in the studies in developing countries from the perspective of Paris-La-Villette school which is already into internationalization. In addition, he gave an explanation on the report, Latitudes, that contains their academic activities.

In the evening, Professor Bourdier rounded off his visit with an invitation to a soba restaurant. While enjoying the meal with drinks, Professor Doi spoked freely about architecture, cities and internationalization. In the past, both Professor Doi and Bourdier used to talk mainly about bilateral internationalization between the two countries. But the world today is multi-polarized. It is necessary to imagine the mutual relationships of three, four, or more places in the world. In the exchange of opinions with Professor Bourdier, Professor Doi thinks that this sprout is possible.