Beyond Industry 4.0: Digital Fabrication and Local Craft




Australian Japan Foundation : Beyond Industry 4.0 symposium & Workshop

The Beyond Industry 4.0 symposium and workshops will develop and promote excellence and innovation in digital design and fabrication for timber architecture and fabrication. The University of New South Wales and Kyushu University will coordinate the events in Japan and Australia.

Future cities will integrate increasing levels of digital infrastructure and technologies. They will however, be built using a mix of both new materials and sustainable traditional materials such as timber. The blending of traditional materials with emerging technologies and global supply chains, is therefore a necessity for future sustainable cities in Australia and Japan. UNSW and Kyushu University will host a series of events to facilitate the integration of traditional crafts and construction knowledge with new cutting-edge collaborative digital fabrication technologies. The events will bring leading experts in digital fabrication and manufacturing together with master practitioners of architectural and timber crafts for knowledge exchange, networking and project development.

New industry 4.0 approaches reinvent timber in resourceful, efficient and highly customized ways while maintaining the inherent renewable strengths and natural appeal of the material. The events will promote Australian expertise and excellence in Japan within the fields of scientific research, and such emerging technologies. This promotion is necessary to build the profile of innovative Australian practice in order to link to new markets and establish new global supply chains.

Organized by
UNSW Smart Cities Research Cluster, UNSW Design Futures Lab, UNSW Built Environment + Kyushu University Environmental Design Global Hub

Funded by
Australia-Japan Foundation

Event Partners
Minami-Oguni Town, Fablab Aso Minami-Oguni, MTRL KYOTO, ARUP

[Japan Event Nov 26-29, 2018]
Nov 26, at Minami-Oguni Town Hall, Kumamoto
PUBLIC LECTURE: Digital Fabrication and Timber Craft
Nov 27, at Minami-Oguni Town Hall
INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM: Digital Processes and Craft Traditions
Nov 28, at Ohashi Campus ,Kyushu University, Fukuoka
WORKSHOP: Education Futures
Nov 29, at MTRL KYOTO, Kyoto
CULTURAL EXCHANGE: Digital and Material: Recent trends in Australia
[Sydney Event Mar 9-10, 2019]